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Turquoise 8 & Sterling Silver Green Dangle Earrings

Turquoise 8 & Sterling Silver Green Dangle Earrings

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These Green Dangle Earrings are made with the famous #8 Spider-Web Turquoise and set in Sterling Silver.

The earrings are stamped Sterling and signed by the Artist. There are several pairs and they will vary. 

These Earrings measure 1.75” long and .25” wide.  

There are four pairs available and the colors will vary.

It is identified by its unique bright powder blue/green background and distinctive brown Spider Web matrix. It was discovered in 1925 and mined until 1976. Since then the mine has been closed and only a previous existing stock pile remains. This turquoise is considered a collectors item because no more is expected to surface once the reserve is gone. This is some of the last number turquoise to be had which makes it a special addition to your collection.

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